St. John the Evangelist Episcopal Church
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About St. John the Evangelist Episcopal Church
We hope you'll feel the presence of God in this warm and friendly parish. Worshipping God and serving God's family in the world is our primary goal. We gather to be inspired by God's word and nourished by his body and blood. We hope you'll be inspired and fed in God's house and return often to share in our Christian family.

St. John the Evangelist in Yalesville has offered Episcopal worship and service in this community since 1868 and with other Episcopal congregations in Connecticut, we show forth the love of Christ in our worship, our teaching, our friendships and our outreach. Why do our parishioners belong to St. John's? The answers are both similiar and as different as our members themselves. 

In real estate ads the words are "location, location, location" In sports they are "win, win, win". In you are starting on vacation, the kids' chant becomes "Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!". At St. John's in Yalesville it seems to my wife and me that the key words are "People... People... People". And calling. People make-up a family. And it's really a special family into which we ALL have been called HERE. So, it seems to us that it was a sort of calling of family that brought us here. And we often say "Thank you, Lord, for calling us into your family here". We feel that this is why we belong in the parish of St. John's Episcopal, Yalesville, CT USA.
-- John K. , Wallingford

When we moved to Wallingford, we learned about St. John's from the Welcome Wagon. From our first service here we felt comfortable and welcome, and found St. John's offered what we needed. The sense of community is strong here. We also participate in the Wednesday morning service at the Masonic Home & Hospital, transporting residents from their rooms to the chapel for Holy Eucharist. St. John's has organized the Masonic Ministry for over 25 years and we're glad to be a part of it. Even though we moved out of town, we still go to St. John's.
-- Cynthia & Leonard A., Southington
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